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South Andaman District

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The office of the Deputy Commissioner is situated at the Head Quarter of the District of South Andaman i.e in the Port Blair. The office have the Central Control over the District Administration.The office provides numerous developmental activities for the service of people. It also controls all the Tehsils under the District i.e Port Blair, Ferrargunj and Little Andaman. The administration provides services for the people by organizing itself in a systamatic way.

The office is assisted with the Following officers for day-to-day work:


The office have numerous IT related programs in service of the people in order to provide valuable and reliable services as it implements the “Right To Information Act” which is one of the Fundamental Rights of the people. The task has been distributed among the various level officers in order to service the people.


Activities of District Administration and its Functionalities
Revenue Functions: Enforcement of

  • A & N Islands Land Revenue & Land Reforms Regulation, 1966 and
  • A & N Islands Land Revenue & Land Reforms Rules,1968.

All works associated with management and transactions of land like

  • Sub Division of Land.
  • Sale permission.
  • Set back exception.
  • Correction of revenue records.

De-Reservation of forest land for various purposes.

Acquisition of Land for Public Purpose under Land Acquisition Act, 1894.

 Maintenance of Law and order   Law & Order arrangements and Public-safety. Discharging other functions under Sections 107, 133, 144 etc. in the Criminal Procedure Code, 1973.
Disaster Management
  • Formulation of District Disaster Management Plan, Community Based Disaster Management Plan, etc.
  • Relief & Rehabilitation in case of any disaster in South Andaman District.
Developmental activities MPLADS – Member of Parliament Local Area Development Programme.

  • Creation of public utility and services
  • Overall development of the islands
Miscellaneous Activities
  • Court Matters.
  • Issue of various Certificates like OBC, Local Certificate, etc.
  • Arrangements of National Functions like Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti, etc

Electronic Service System of DC-Office in the District of South Andaman is at significant step in bringing transparancies, friendliness in public to interactions for their Works/Grievances. It is a great leap as part of utilizing information technology in delivering the services in the District. The website contains useful information about the District Statistics, Services Provided by the District Administration, Land Record Details of the Tenants useful to the citizens.
Our endevour has always be to provide public services at the door step of the citizen, we look forward for responses come as suggestions to help us to continue in our efforts and further improvement.

Deputy Commissioner,District of South Andaman.

District Administration:
Revenue Administration: For enforcement of A & N Islands Land Revenue Land reforms Regulation, 1966 and A & N Islands Land Revenue and Land Reforms Rules 1968.
District Magistrate: Maintenances of Law and Order and Public safety and discharging other function envisaged in the Cr.PC.
Statutory Functions:
  • Arms Act.
  • Indian Citizenship Act .
  • Indian Vessel Act .
  • Notifide Authority under Central Sales Tax Act .
  • Indian Partnership Act .
  • Registrar of Joint Stock companies.
  • Chairman State Transport Authority.
  • Chief Inspector of Boilers Controller .
  • Civil Defence .
  • Survey Commissioner of Wakfs .
  • Inspector General of Registration.
  • Under Registration Act.
  • Controller of Legal Metrology.
  • Excise Commissioner .
  • Returning Officer , A &N Islands Parliamentary Constituency.
  • Electoral Registration Officer for A & N Islands
  • Director of Panchayat and Municipal Elections.
MPLADS: Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme  Development Programme.
Disaster Management: Head of District Disaster Management Committee.

The office of the Deputy Commissioner have the following sections which deals with different types of day to day work in the office. The sections includes

  • License Sections.
  • Establishment Sections.
  • Development Sections.
License Section view

License Section

The License Section in the DC-OFFICE deals with the licenses such as Arms License, Vehical License, Pass and Permits etc. Some of the services regarding the Licenses have now been computerized and ready to deliver the computerized way of service to the people.

Establishment section image

Establishment Sections

The Establishment Section in the DC-OFFICE deals with the personal details of the office staff, offices and other confidential matters in the offices such as Transfer order details etc. Right now the section is assisted with the SDM office.

Development Section view

Development Section

The development section deals with the developmental activities information in the districts and keep track of all the information related to the districts developmental activities. It also deals with the MPLADS(Member of Parliament Local Area Development Programme)related information.